Ride 2 Buy

Devon Wheels 2 Work’s ‘Ride 2 Buy Scheme’

To help our customers to own their own bike we offer a ‘Ride 2 Buy Scheme’ which will mean that you will be able to purchase one of our scheme bikes over a 12 month period.

Am I eligible?

If you have been on our Wheels 2 Work Scheme for the minimum of three months you will be eligible.

How much does it costs?

This will depend on the value of the bike – please contact us to find out which bikes are available and obtain a quote.

What’s included?

We will tax, insure and service the bike for the repayment period of 52 weeks. You will be required to pay for any parts/consumables required by the services but the labour is included in the cost.

What other costs am I liable for?

You will be liable for any repair required due to normal wear and tear and the cost of repair if the bike is damaged. The bike will have a Third Party Fire and theft cover with £350 excess. All claims must be reported within 48 hours and full details of the Third Party must be supplied to be able to claim.

My credit history is poor and I have been turned down for credit in the past will this mean I will be ineligible?

No, we will take into account your payment history while you have been on our Wheels 2 Work Scheme and everyone must be able to supply a financial guarantor.

What happens when I have made the final payment?

The bike will signed over and you will then be liable for your own insurance, tax and all other future costs.